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 why NOT buy LPG G3, Ice explains undies why

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why NOT buy LPG G3, Ice explains undies why Empty
PostSubject: why NOT buy LPG G3, Ice explains undies why   why NOT buy LPG G3, Ice explains undies why Icon_minitimeSat 23 Aug 2008, 04:43

this wil only count for modern cars from 2002 or later ! well you re car has EOBD2, whit is a self controlling program to check your exhaust gas, when having LPG on you re car you will many times get the EOBD2 code P0170. Which means that (going more engineer side ) your engine control unit (ECU) not correct the injection time any more sinds its out of the 25% space.

You have longfeultrim and shortfuel trim. the shortfeul trim only last for 1 ride after you turn of your ignition key to stop the engine it will ad the data to the longfeul trim this can be from-10% up to +25% if its outside that the hell will be begin Twisted Evil.

this means that your car will have many time's P0170 witch is equal to many service visits for your car. this error will always be displays as temporary problem.9 out of ten time's we (engineers) need to figure out what part of youre feul system has the problem (when having LPG also you have 2 for MOT LPG has to be working Wink (at least in Holland)). the only problem whit the OBD2 error code P0170 its only returns around once a week/month, ill explain why; when deleting this error code (P0170) the system resets it self to default factory (long feultrim 0) so the system needs to learn again (the good side of this OBD2 stuff is it learns it self)

ill explain now how the system can check it self, the modern cars (from 2002) have OBD2 or EOBD (on board diagnostics or European on board diagnostics (almost the same OBD2 is for the USA and EOBD is for you have right my lord for European cars (the only difference is that USA cars need to work @ 500KBPS speed and EU may also work @ 500KBPS-128KBPS I'm going on that later Smile ))) this system has 2 or more depending how big your engine is a V8 will probably have 4 ill just a 4 in line engine, this engine has 2 heated O2 sensors. The first sensor check the fuel air mix this sensor will be switching around 0.2 V (V=volt) up to 0.7 V this has to switching between these lines so you're exhausted catalyst will work it transforms C (carbon) and O2 (ocygen) to CO2, and some other means stuff forgot Embarassed .

When your injector dos not work good it will leak. the first O2 sensor will registered a higher level of HC (fuel). then the ECU will set the injecting sooner so it shut stop sooner whit the injection. this is the short feul trim this can work up to -30% or to +30%. now where getting close Smile. as i said before when you stop driving the shortfeul trim will be added to the long feultrim when having +8 shortfeultrim it will be added to your elong feul trim @ lets say 15% so where now @ 23% so errors yet. the next time you drive the injector is working to good (not possible but who knows Very Happy ) the ECU will set it to -2%, and again when done whit going from A to B it will be taking this time OF the longfeultrim, so where now @ 21%. when going back to home. the injector sucks and the ECU sets the shortfeultrim to +12% when your home in total. your out of the car. the ECU has added the +12% to the longfeultrim. where now @ 34%.

that's over the 25% max limit now your check engine sign will turn on and you have P0170.

Almost forgot you have 2 O2 sensor i before the exhausted catalyst and 1 after the first is to check the feul air, the second is to check the exhausted catalyst if its working properly.

now the problem whit LPG G3, when installed you have 2 Ecu's 1 for petrol and 1 for LPG the petrol is the main (silly where checking the LPG stuff for MOT Razz )
but that my world being a car engineer Razz. the petrol ECU repons is really fast BUT the LPG G3 is not that fast this will ad up to the P0170 error.

the most probably fixes are the air mass sensor, the heated o2 sensor, or a leak in the air intake.

all of this are very expensive parts to replace (original PSA (Peugeot CitroŽn(i work @ CitroŽn)), a heated O2 sensor is around Ä300! and the air mass sensor around Ä500. so that's why i always say


damm thats a big story and i can keep going on Shocked

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why NOT buy LPG G3, Ice explains undies why
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