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 4k For a new PC?

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PostSubject: 4k For a new PC?   Tue 04 Nov 2008, 05:05

The fastest desktop pc in the world is now available for the bargain price of 4 grand, so i need to get my wife out to work, or do a tour!!!

Quote :
Thanks to Core i7's HyperThreading feature, that means a minimum of 8GB of extremely pricey high performance DDR3 memory is required.

And due to the novel triple-channel layout, the system actually packs 2GB plus 1GB per channel for a grand total of 9GB of Corsair memory. Just the CPU and memory alone have a face value of nearly 2,000.

Elsewhere, it's a similar story of best-in-class components. There's the obligatory HIS Radeon HD 4870 X2 graphics card, complete with two of AMD's awesome RV770 GPUs and 2GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory, as well as a terabyte of spinning-disk storage from Samsung.


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PostSubject: Re: 4k For a new PC?   Tue 04 Nov 2008, 08:38

Those new processors seem rather overrated, there are some growing pains i think that need working out.

Looks like all that new Mobo architecture counts for little, and Hyperthreading doesn't do much better either.

A bit better for Crysis, but look at the performance for Farcry 2.

Quote :
Gaming performance is something key to our hearts though and we have to say the results are less than we'd hoped, but for two out of three games at least the Core i7 processors are faster - in the Source engine quite impressively so. However, given the huge advance in bandwidth - both from QPI compared to Front Side Bus and triple channel DDR3 compared to dual channel DDR2/3 previously - these architectural enhancements don't seem to benefit games as much as we would have liked.

When the Core architecture was first announced with Conroe and we saw simply massive advances in gaming performance compared to AMD and the previous Netburst architecture, clearly with the same execution engine (and to some degree, a smaller L2 cache/slower larger cache) Core i7 doesn't offer the same advantage.

Hyper Threading certainly doesn't make a positive impact either and the changing the QPI bandwidth doesn't hugely affect performance in Crysis and Half-Life 2: Episode Two, but it did in Far Cry 2. We'd argue a certain degree of caution in checking what the differences are in the games you play before buying, however while they're not likely to be slow by any means, the drops in Far Cry 2 were significant to say the least. Once we get the heads up as to why - we'll be sure to let you know.

I blame the intel chipsets on the motherboard personally.
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4k For a new PC?
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