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 Boot Windows in 4 Seconds?

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PostSubject: Boot Windows in 4 Seconds?   Thu 13 Nov 2008, 05:17

Asus spin off firm Asrock have come up with a pretty novel way of saving power and speeding up boot times.

Quote :
The idea behind Instant Boot is that it takes advantage of the S3 and S4 features of ACPI (advanced configuration and power interface), which normally enable the Sleep/Standby and Hibernation modes in Windows respectively. However, by calling them at different times in the boot-up and shutdown process, Instant Boot enables you to boot up to your Windows desktop in three to four seconds, even after a proper Shut Down.

Two modes are available; Fast mode, which uses S3 and boots up in around four seconds, and Regular Mode, which uses S4 and apparently takes between 20 and 22 seconds to boot. The advantage of Instant Boot when compared with normal Sleep and Hibernation modes is that you get the advantage of a clean boot of Windows, without what ASRock calls ‘accumulated garbage data,’ and you also get the security of knowing that you won’t lose any data if there’s a power cut and you lose AC power.

Instant Boot can be enabled on five of ASRock’s current boards, which are based on AMD’s 780G and 790GX chipsets, and Intel’s P45 and P43 chipsets.

If you have an Asrock motherboard that supports it, the BIOS update needed is here


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Boot Windows in 4 Seconds?
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