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 32GB Ram Modules

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PostSubject: 32GB Ram Modules   32GB Ram Modules Icon_minitimeSun 01 Feb 2009, 19:25

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Just a few months after Samsung announced that it had the potential to make 16GB DIMMs with its first 2Gb DDR3 chips, the company has already doubled the capacity of its chips, which it says could now be used to make huge 32GB memory modules.

The new 4Gb DDR3 chips are fabricated on a 50nm process, and Samsung says that they require much less power than the previous chips. This is firstly because you need fewer chips on an 8GB module in order to get the same capacity, but also because the voltage requirement has been reduced. According to Samsung, the new chips only require 1.35V, compared with the 1.5V required by the previous 2Gb chips.

The first modules to use the chips will be 8GB DIMMs and SODIMMs for desktop PCs and laptops respectively, as well as 16GB registered modules for servers. However, Samsung claims that ‘by applying dual-die package technology, this new device can deliver modules of up to 32GB.’ This is twice the maximum capacity that you could get from a memory module using 2Gb chips. It looks as though the chips will be a bit quicker than the older 2Gb chips too. Samsung quotes a data rate of 1.6Gb/sec for the new 4Gb chips, compared with 1.3Gb/sec for the previous chips.

Samsung Semiconductor’s vice president of technical marketing, Kevin Lee, claimed that ‘by designing our 4Gb DDR3 using state-of-the-art 50-nm class technology, we are setting the stage for what ultimately will result in significant cost-savings, for servers and for the overall computing market.’

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32GB Ram Modules
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