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 8 Core CPU Next Month

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PostSubject: 8 Core CPU Next Month   8 Core CPU Next Month Icon_minitimeSun 01 Feb 2009, 19:26

8 Core CPU Next Month It_photo_111308_26

Yes, things are getting really silly now.....

Quote :
Intelís Xeons have always been given the Formula 1 treatment when it comes to trying out new technologies. The server and workstation series of CPUs brought us Hyper-Threading and even Nvidiaís SLI technology before they hit the desktop, and now Intel is set to unveil its first eight-core Xeon CPU at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) on 9 February.

The session is listed in the eventís online programme, and the summary describes a new Ď8-core 16-thread enterprise Xeon processor,í which will feature a whopping 2.3 billion 45nm transistors. The following session will also continue to discuss Intelís Ďnext-generation IA processors with up to 8 cores,í which the programme says will feature three levels of cache and a maximum TDP of 130W. As well as this, the programme says that the CPU family Ďhas a coherent point-to-point link and integrates memory controller, power-management microcontroller and power-gate transistors.í

Although the codename of the CPU isnít revealed, itís clearly based on Intelís new Nehalem architecture, which means itís highly likely to be based on the Nehalem-EP design (pictured) mentioned in Intelís CPU roadmap at IDF in August 2008. The Nehalem-EP platform will have two CPU sockets, each with independent triple-channel memory controllers, and it will also use Intelís X58 chipset, meaning that it can also have PCI-E 2.0 graphics.

Basically, although itís branded as an Ďenterpriseí platform, it could also be appropriate for enthusiasts looking to build a multi-threaded monster (thatís 32 threads with Hyper-Threading enabled) and even put in some decent graphics cards. Last year, Intel unveiled its first six-core ĎDunningtoní Xeon CPUs in September, but these were still based on the Core 2 architecture rather than the Nehalem architecture.

Although eight-core processors make more sense for servers and workstations than desktop PCs at the moment, weíre still likely to see eight-core CPUs in desktop PCs in the near future.

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8 Core CPU Next Month
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