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 Google Car Upset in Wool

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PostSubject: Google Car Upset in Wool   Google Car Upset in Wool Icon_minitimeFri 10 Apr 2009, 17:43

According to The Telegraph, the Google street view car was seen in Wool, and a ocal photographer fell out with the driver...
Quote :

The unnamed driver was busy mapping a street in the village of Wool in Dorset when a local photographer spotted the controversial Google vehicle.

But the multinational's driver was outraged by the invasion of his privacy when the snapper started taking pictures of the car.

The freelance photographer, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that with all the privacy issues surrounding Google's new Street View technology it is ironic that the Google driver should get upset about having his picture taken.

The 58-year-old electrician and part-time photographer said: "When I saw the [Google] car I thought to myself nobody has got any decent pictures of this yet so I hopped out the van and started to take some pictures.

"He was not happy about it. I could tell by his body language and facial expressions."

The Google driver then proceeded to shout at the photographer and said: "Don't you take pictures of me, mate." He then asked the photographer to blur his face out of the pictures as Google does in its Street View images.

The photographer managed to get about six to eight photographers of the car which had a pole-mounted revolving camera protruding from the top.

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Google Car Upset in Wool
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