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 USB Gadgets Get Silly

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PostSubject: USB Gadgets Get Silly   USB Gadgets Get Silly Icon_minitimeThu 30 Apr 2009, 16:11

Someone has decided we need USB vibrator's in our lives.

USB Gadgets Get Silly Lelo_mia_vibrator_c

Heres the sales pitch:

The LELO Mia is not your average vibrator in more ways than one. This lipstick tube-shaped sex toy recharges when you plug it into your computerís USB drive. You get four hours of playtime once itís fully charged. The LELO Mia is perfectly disguised to keep in your purse or luggage, but donít expect it to be wack like other lipstick-shaped vibrators that only have ďonĒ and ďoffĒ settings. The LELO Mia has settings that go from a barely audible hum to an intense vibe. Itís recommended for beginner toy users, but any woman who hasnít reached the super-advanced Magic Wand level will probably enjoy it. Practically perfect, but too bad you canít use it to store data, too.

USB Gadgets Get Silly Armynw9rz5
USB Gadgets Get Silly Pbucket
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USB Gadgets Get Silly
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