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 8800 Re-Launched .....Again

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8800 Re-Launched .....Again Empty
PostSubject: 8800 Re-Launched .....Again   8800 Re-Launched .....Again Icon_minitimeWed 29 Jul 2009, 15:44

Well, what do you know. After denying it's existence NVIDIA relased the GeForce GTS 240, a new graphics card intended for OEMs only. This part features 112 stream processors, 256-bit memory bus, 675MHz core, 1620MHz shaders and 1GB GDDR3 memory clocked at 1100MHz.

The GeForce GTS 240 has a TDP of 120W and is cooled by a single-slot cooler that spans only about three fourths of the card.

And yes, of course this is a rebranded 2007 / 2008 model GeForce 8800 and then 9800 GT and thus now GTS 240.

Give us some new ones!! And some new games to play!!

8800 Re-Launched .....Again Armynw9rz5
8800 Re-Launched .....Again Pbucket
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8800 Re-Launched .....Again
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